Welcome to the Daily Squirtle Summary! Learn about Squirtle's Mega Evolution, the Squirtle Community Day in Pokémon Go, and more. Catch Squirtle and evolve it to its Mega Evolution! #Pokemon #PokemonGo #MegaEvolution

SQUIRTLE: Community Day, Shiny Boosted, Mega Evolution & More! 🔷

Welcome to the Daily Squirtle Summary! Today, we’ll be discussing Squirtle’s Mega Evolution, the new Squirtle Community Day in Pokemon Go, and more. Here are the key takeaways from the highlighted videos from the past 24 hours:

• Mega Evolution is one of the strongest Water-type Pokémon
• Shiny BOOSTED Squirtle available in Pokemon Go
• Sunglasses Squirtle Tasks
• Join Membership and Discord for more info
• Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/boomplays93ttv

Don’t miss out on these awesome opportunities to catch Squirtle and evolve it to its Mega Evolution! Scroll down to view the highlighted videos and get started on your Squirtle journey!

Catch Squirtle For Its Mega Evolution! #pokemon #pokemongo #pokémon #shorts

Mon Jul 10 2023 0:08:58 UTC

Squirtle is a Water-type Pokémon that evolves into Wartortle and then into Blastoise. Blastoise has a Mega Evolution called Mega Blastoise, which is one of the strongest Water-type Pokémon.

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*NEW* SQUIRTLE COMMUNITY DAY IN POKEMON GO! Shiny BOOSTED Squirtle! | Sunglasses Squirtle Tasks!

Mon Jul 10 2023 0:05:54 UTC

#pokemongo #communityday

*NEW* SQUIRTLE COMMUNITY DAY IN POKEMON GO! Shiny BOOSTED Squirtle! | Sunglasses Squirtle Tasks!

🔥Join Membership: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb8DLpXixwjkCyF-pfsPCRg/join Discord: https://discord.gg/6SVyeazzWA SecondChannel: https://www.youtube.com/results?searc… Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/boomplays93ttv

Mon Jul 10 2023 0:00:04 UTC


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Squirtle Shiny Hunt – Pokemon GO Community Day

Sun Jul 9 2023 23:31:45 UTC

What’s this? Bald Gamer doing a Pokemon GO Community Day stream? Well, I want to start our own Community Beach Week Shiny Hunt series, and since the Community Day target is Squirtle who is one of my favorite Water Types and also the FIRST Water Type, I found it fitting.

Pokemon GO Community Day goes from 2:00 – 5:00 PM at your local time. I’m an EST Time, but I’ll be starting a little early.

If you enjoy the vibe or want to take part in the rest of the Community Beach Week Shiny Hunting, be sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

#PokemonGO #ShinyHunting #CommunityDay

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Pokémon Go Shiny Squirtle hunt July Community Day Florida lots of candy and 3 shiny squirtle

Sun Jul 9 2023 22:50:15 UTC

Squirtle community day #pokemongo #communitydaypokemongo #squirtle

Sun Jul 9 2023 22:30:00 UTC


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